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Cracking the Style Code (CTSC)

our team had the incredible opportunity to partner with Cracking the Style Code (CTSC), a non-governmental organization, for an outreach program, the Ikot Abiyak Relief Outreach. We engaged with aspiring young minds, discussing the endless possibilities in the tech industry and emphasizing the power of self-belief, regardless of background. Our team's highlight of the event was evaluating the young participants in a scholarship examination. It was a rigorous process, and we selected the top four performers.

6 Weeks Professional Training program.

we wrapped up an incredible learning experience for our working-class entrepreneurs, youth Corps members, and corporate professionals! From mastering communication skills to diving deep into Microsoft & Google productivity tools, project management essentials, and the art of effective note-taking, every session was packed with valuable knowledge to help participants thrive in the digital age.

Holiday Tech Camp 2023

Fhenix Africa Holiday Tech Camp 2023 ran for 7 weeks, featuring tracks in robotics, web development, app development, Python programming, and Scratch. The tech camp hosted 114 students who engaged in various tech-related activities. The success of the program was marked by a closing ceremony where students showcased their individual and group projects, highlighting their skills and accomplishments gained throughout the holiday tech camp.

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Eket Tech Day 2023

Eket Tech Day 2023 marked a significant milestone in the technological advancement of Eket, as it brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, ranging from industry experts to students, to celebrate innovation, foster collaboration, and empower the local tech ecosystem.